Sarah Corbett

Sarah Corbett

Activism often conjures up quick transactional signing of petitions, clicktivism, loud and aggressive ways to demand justice. The Craftivist Collective mission is simple: If we want our world to be more beautiful, kind and fair then our activism should be more beautiful, kind and fair. We believe craft can be a tool for ‘gentle protest’. By using the quiet, reflective time it gives us to explore injustice issues and how they affect the world around us, we can create something beautiful, considered, positive and potentially world-changing that creates critical thinking, conversation, connection and change in many different ways from gifts to power-holders to pieces of small and intruiging street art to ‘shopdropping’. This activism technique might sound fluffy and weak but our activism is far from that;  the Craftivist Collective has helped change laws, business policies as well as hearts and minds. Come join us.

Sarah Corbett will be leading this workshop. She is an award-winning campaigner and founder of the global Craftivist Collective. Sarah grew up in a low-income area of the UK into an activist family and has worked as a professional campaigner for a decade most recently with Oxfam GB. She set up the award-winning Craftivist Collective in 2009 providing products and services to do craftivism using her ‘gentle protest’ approach. She works around the world with arts institutions, the charity sector, academia as well as unexpected collaborations such as with organisations Tatty Devine & Secret Cinema and regularly gives talks around the world. She has two books “A Little Book of Craftivism’” and most recently “How To Be A Craftivist: the art of gentle protest” both available in all good bookshops. She is also an Ashoka Fellow and ‘Activist Whisperer’ columnist for


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