Andy Kind

Andy Kind

Andy Kind is a comedian, author and writer-for-hire.

He started doing Stand-up on 23rd January 2005. By the September of that year, Andy had gone full-time as a comedian and has made a living from it ever since. He won Anything for Laffs in 2005 and in mid 2013 hurdled over the 1000-gig barrier. Other stuff happened in between.

Described by The Scotsman as ‘Terrific’, Andy’s stand-up style can best be described as ‘the joyful rant of a post-30 chaos vacuum’, and he has been featured on BBC1, ITV, Channel 4 and supported Tim Vine on a few of his tour dates.

In April 2011, Andy’s first book, Stand Up and Deliver: a nervous rookie on the comedy circuit was published by Lion Hudson. The sequel, The Gig Delusion, was released by Wilmot Books exactly two years later. Andy has two comedy novels scheduled for release in 2014: ‘Hecklers’ and ‘The Unfortunate Adventures of Tom Hillingthwaite’. To stay informed on matters such as these, follow Andy on Twitter.

Alongside all the gigging and book-penning, Andy works as a writer-for-hire for…well, whoever wants to pay him, really. His jokes have featured on Dave’s One Night Stand and Live at the Apollo. He currently enjoys writing regular articles for Families First magazine and CVM, and has written for, amongst others, The Gooner, Threads, and Sorted Magazine.

For all your comedy-writing needs (wedding speeches, magazine articles, script gagging-up etc), get in touch: