Audience & Artist Feedback Here's what our audiences & visiting artists have to say about their experiences of MyRaynesPark Festival.

“Thanks for a great screening last night.  It was good to meet you all and to be a part of an excellently organised and run event.”
Andrew Feinstein, author of ‘The Shadow World’

“I just wanted to say how fantastic yesterday’s session with Vanessa was.  She worked extremely well with our students and helped them to produce some outstanding work.  I think they surprised themselves!  The subject matter they covered was so relevant to issues today, and so relevant to some of our students’ own experiences.  Our students maybe don’t always get the time to reflect on questions like these or to be encouraged to express themselves in such a powerful and moving way.  It was a very valuable session and we are very grateful to Vanessa and to you.”
Amy Smith, Raynes Park High School

“Such a warm and friendly audience!”
Vanessa Kisuule, poet

“Thanks for having us – we really enjoyed ourselves and were made to feel very welcome by everybody involved.”
Cable Street Collective, band

“Fabulous night at Mora Meza!  The food, atmosphere and comedy was excellent!  Will definitely recommend to friends for next year!  Thank you!”
Audience member at Belly Laughs

“Fantastic evening – really well organised and a great range of poets.  Thank you!”
Audience member at Poetry Evening

“Fabulous  – great poet & lovely venue!”
Audience member at Belly Laughs

 “Very thought provoking session on The Shadow World.  Thought Q&A was brilliant.”
Audience member at The Shadow World screening

 “Very good and thought provoking evening by a very passionate writer and person with strong views.”
Audience member at Book Club

 “Lovely!  Sheer joy!”
Audience member at The Jigsaw Players

 “It was a great event.  It is the third year I have attended and I look forward to next year!”
Audience member at the Pub Quiz